Tuesday with a Twist: Calgary’s new digital traffic aimed to make commutes a little more enjoyable

Calgary, Alberta — The City of Calgary has been making commutes a little more interesting with its new style of digital traffic messages. 

Every Tuesday, a variety of routes spanning from downtown to Stoney Trail and Deerfoot have messages containing jokes, pop culture references and quips about pet peeves on the road.

According to CBC, the idea was based on a similar project in Iowa, called “Message Monday.”

Currently in Calgary, there are 18 locations that are a part of the pilot project.

“The idea behind it is, a happy driver is a safer driver,” roads department spokesperson Tara Norton-Merrin told CBC. “We know when people are on the road and they are maybe in a bad mood, they tend to be a little bit more aggressive.”

The project was first launched on May 4, and of course, had a Star Wars reference: “Baby Yoda uses the force but still needs a car seat.”

Not only are the messages meant to lighten the mood, but they also target common problems on the road. 

For instance, before the long weekend, the weekly message was: “Camp in the Rockies, not the left lane.”

Now, the city is asking Calgarians to help with the joke-making by submitting sign ideas to the city’s website. 


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