Toyota TCB: OEM awarded Canada’s Most Respected Auto Manufacturer

Toronto, Ontario — The people’s voices have been heard and the results are in; Toyota Motor Company has been chosen as Canada’s Most Respected Auto Manufacturer by the Canadian public in a recent nationally representative public opinion survey.

“Respect is earned, not just by manufacturing strong products, but through a combination of trusted local service and support, industry leadership, corporate values and genuine community engagement,” said Jeff Munn, executive director of Canada’s Most Respected Award Program. 

“Toyota leadership, dealers and employees should be extremely proud of this national ranking—earned over time,” he said.

Honda, Subaru, BMW and Mazda rounded out the top five of the 13 total automakers reviewed by the public.

“This award is a recognition of a corporate quality—respect—that is intangible but affects every touchpoint and action within an enterprise,” Munn said. 

“Receiving national respect is a wonderful accomplishment, especially during these challenging times.”

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