Tonal Trifecta: new colours for Model Y Tesla vehicles, 2022

Austin, Texas — Tesla CEO, Elon Musk has confirmed two new colours in production for electric vehicles from the newly opened Tesla Gigafactory Berlin, namely Deep Crimson Multicoat and Mercury Silver Metallic.

During the factory’s opening ceremony, Musk said the crimson would consist of 13 layers or more, while the silver finish would have eight layers.

In late 2021, the Tesla App Updates (iOS) Twitter account leaked three potential colours for future release in a metadata analysis. Including the two aforementioned tones, Abyss Blue is the third suspected new colour offering.

While Tesla has not released any official spoilers, multiple leaks on the internet suggest that Model Ys in the new colours have been spotted at Tesla’s factories in Texas and Berlin. The above image by Jeff Roberts claims to be a photo from a drone flight over Gigafactory Texas, but has not been confirmed or denied by official sources.


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