Tire Take Back launches with a dream come true

At the conclusion of last year's Tire Take Back event. From left: Rick Milne, Mayor of Alliston, Ontario; Nancy Sutherland, CEO of The Sunshine Foundation of Canada and Earl and Eileen Graham of Early’s Auto Parts.

Toronto, Ontario — May 3, 2017 — Unlike most kids her age, 12-year-old Nethulya will spend her summer vacation in the hospital recovering from a major hip surgery that will require a three-month stay and months of extensive physiotherapy. Living with cerebral palsy and an eye condition, Nethulya, from Newmarket, Ontario, uses a walker and leg braces to walk, lacks the coordination of her fine motor skills and has already endured countless medical appointments and surgeries. As a big fan of anything related to princesses, Nethulya dreams of days filled with magic, happiness, and memory making, just like the experiences she’s heard her classmates talk about.

Recently, Nethulya was given the news that The Sunshine Foundation of Canada will be making her biggest dream come true, thanks in no small part to the efforts of members of the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA). Just before her surgery, she and her family will be whisked away for a magical vacation to Walt Disney World where she will meet Sofia the First, her favourite princess on her favourite television show. Returning just before summer vacation begins, Nethulya will get the chance to share her dream experience with her friends at school, something she’s told her mom she’s always wanted to do. The dream vacation will give the family time to make some happy memories together that will give them strength and keep their family positive during Nethulya’s long recovery ahead.

Nethulya was presented with her Sunshine Dream come true by OARA’s Executive Director Steve Fletcher at the association’s annual conference. The presentation was made at the official announcement of the 8th Annual OARA Tire Take Back event, a province-wide recycling fundraiser that encourages Ontario residents to drop off their used tires for free at participating collectors in support of Sunshine.

“The opportunity to share in Nethulya’s Sunshine Dream presentation really crystallized for everyone in the room what their efforts through the Tire Take Back program translate to,” says Fletcher. “As we launch the eighth year of the initiative, we’re happy to be able to help connect more people to the work that Sunshine does for children and their families.”

Nethulya, a 12-year-old from Newmarket, will have her dreams come true thanks to the Sunshine Foundation and OARA members. She is shown here cutting a cake at the official launch announcement of the 2017 Tire Take Back event, with assistance from Princess Elsa.  
Nethulya, a 12-year-old from Newmarket, will have her dreams come true thanks to the{source}<br/>{/source} Sunshine Foundation and OARA members. She is shown here cutting a cake at the{source}<br/>{/source} official launch announcement of the 2017 Tire Take Back event, with assistance from{source}<br/>{/source} Princess Elsa.  


Since 2010, OARA, in partnership with Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) and the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA), has helped raise over $1 million in support of Sunshine dream programs through the OARA Tire Take Back event.

“Responsibly recycling tires is the name of the game for us,” says Claudia Hawkins, Director of Promotion and Education for OTS. “So when something as simple as recycling your tires can positively impact the lives of children living with severe disabilities and life-threatening illnesses, we are more than happy to lend our support.”

The 8th Annual OARA Tire Take Back will run from May 23 to June 4, with tire collectors, haulers and processors donating collection allowances associated with each passenger, light truck, and agricultural tire dropped off to support Sunshine.

“On behalf of Nethulya, her family, and the thousands of other families across Canada who are impacted by your support, we thank OARA, OTS, OFA and all their members and partners and communities across Ontario for dreaming big with us and continuing to make Sunshine Dreams come true,” says Nancy Sutherland, CEO for The Sunshine Foundation of Canada.

For more information on OARA Tire Take Back, please visit rethinktires.ca/tiretakeback.

A map of all OARA members participating in this year’s Tire Take Back event can be found at this link.


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