Think Tank: CIECA forms standards development committee for artificial intelligence

North Carolina, United States — CIECA announced on Friday that it will be forming a new standards development committee to focus on artificial intelligence while putting out an open call for all industry members to join.

“The CIECA Emerging Technologies has been looking into the impacts of emerging technologies on the collision industry and one of the identified technologies was AI,” said CIECA technical project manager, Paulette Reed.

This new committee will be helmed by joint chairs Raj Pofale, a founder and CEO at Claim Genius, and Jimmy Spears, Tractable’s automotive head—both of whom are active CIECA members.

“AI adoption by the insurance industry is still in the infancy stage, and there is skepticism and perception about the technology,” said Pofale.

“The utilization of AI will undoubtedly bring huge efficiencies and cost savings and reduce cycle times. Still, the right level of education and expectation management must be done. With the rapid adoption of AI in the collision industry, it is the right time to have a common framework and best practices that will make the integrations across collision industry platforms easier.”

Spears echoed Pofale’s enthusiasm for the cost-saving potential of AI, but also remarked that adequate industry standards are crucial to getting the most out of this technology.

“To get the best out of these new solutions, the sector as a whole will gain from implementing best-in-class data standards, ensuring that all parties are operating to the highest standards possible,” said Spears.

Click here to fill out an application to join CIECA’s new AI standards development committee.


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