The Spanesi Shuffle: Tim Morgan to retire as COO of Spanesi Americas; Alex Stapleton and Jeramy Holloway move to expanded roles

Illinois, United States ⁠— Tim Morgan, the chief operating officer of Spanesi Americas, has announced his retirement, effective April 1, 2024.

Spanesi Americas announced Thursday that Alex Stapleton and Jeramy Holloway will take reins as director of North American sales and marketing and director of aftersales, respectively.

“These appointments are part of Spanesi’s effort to strengthen our leadership team, enhance our service and support across Canada and the United States, and fill the role of retiring COO Timothy Morgan,” wrote the company in its email notice, adding that the move allows Spanesi “to direct our energy towards fortifying product offerings, refining service delivery, and nurturing relationships with both our valued clientele and esteemed network of distributors throughout North America.”

“We are enthusiastic about the future and believe this partnership will really help us drive innovation over the next several years,” said Stapleton. “There is an opportunity to expand our industry-leading products and services while working toward some of our more robust long-term strategic goals, and that is incredibly exciting.”

Spanesi Americas also announced an enhanced partnership with Spanesi S.p.A., the company’s Italian parent, to bolster the company’s strategic objectives and capitalize on existing growth opportunities. This collaboration is designed to leverage global insights and expertise, said Spanesi.

Spanesi Americas Inc: spanesi.us is an automotive equipment supplier located in Naperville, Illinois. Spanesi Americas is a subsidiary of Spanesi S.p.A, a family-owned business, founded in 1969 in Italy. For more information, visit www.spanesi-americas.com.


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