The Road Less Travelled: Newfoundland sisters drive U-Haul in defiance of rental car shortage

St. John’s, Newfoundland- Thinking outside the box is an oft-praised trait. Being adaptable and keeping your options open allows for more freedom in this world. Sometimes you need to find an alternative to a common problem and the only solution seems out of the ordinary. The ‘Road Less Travelled’ and all that.

Well, extraordinary circumstances called for extraordinary solutions for two sisters who recently visited Newfoundland. When Gail Bridgeman and Karen Burke found themselves unable to find a rental car, due to an error with their chosen rental company, the sisters decided to rent a U-Haul in its place. Despite having booked the trip over 6 months in advance, the sisters found themselves without a vehicle to travel the province.

Their last-minute pivot represents a unique solution to a common problem: the shortage of available rental cars for travellers.

Due to a reduction in travel during the Covid-19 years, rental agencies have significantly lowered the number of cars kept on-site. This has resulted in demand overtaking supply as travel has risen to pre-Covid levels.

Another hiccup in the sisters’ plan came when their U-Haul vehicle was ready for pickup.

“They promised us a small vehicle. And when we arrived to pick up the vehicle they told us the only one that was available was … actually 30 feet in length,” Bridgeman said.

Despite chaotic changes to their original plans, the sisters enjoyed their stay in the province, having visited St. John’s, Bonavista, and Clarenville.

“We love … your province. We’ve just met really beautiful people. It’s all been wonderful,” said Burke

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