The Cost of Doing Business: Ontario to review occupational illness systems

Toronto, Ontario — Automotive painters of the older generation may be pleased to hear that the Ontario government will launch the first-ever review of the province’s occupational illness system.

The aim of the review will be to evaluate how occupational illnesses are identified and monitored within the current system. The review will be conducted by the MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.

The bodyshop is a place full of loud noises, controlled flames from welders and airborne chemicals in the paint booth, so proper safety precautions are crucial.

British Columbia-based worker’s advocacy agency WorkSafeBC points out on its website that exposure to industrial paints and coatings can lead to chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma, irritation and sometimes burns to exposed skin, as well as neurological issues when paint fumes are inhaled.

The study is set to be released in December and aims to clear roadblocks that prevent workers from accessing compensation.

“Our government has a workers-first plan to build stronger families, stronger communities and a future where no one is left behind,” said Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development Monte McNaughton.

“Ontario has one of the strongest health and safety records in the country, but we need to make sure our system works for everyone. I have tasked this team of independent experts to find a clear path forward that improves supports for injured workers and their families. Change is coming to the system, and we are going to get it done.”


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