That’s No Robin Hood: B.C. family vehicle shot with arrow

Chilliwack, British Columbia – It’s hunting season, and nothing is scarier than an armed man without safety training.

On Sunday, a Chilliwack family was driving along Peardonville Road in Abbotsford when the driver heard something punch into his vehicle.

Pulling over to the side, the father discovered a hole in his car which Abbotsford Police believed was caused by an arrow they found on the road.

According to the CBC, the arrow’s point of impact was only 15 to 20 cm above the driver’s head, slightly longer than the length of most smartphones.

This follows a previous case in Saskatoon where a woman’s truck was struck by a crossbow bolt. The negligent 21-year-old was charged with mischief after he missed a tree, according to the CBC.

While the RCMP prohibits one-handed crossbows, most other bows and crossbows are permitted for target shooting and sporting purposes. However, they are considered firearms if used with criminal intent in multiple provinces including British Columbia and Ontario.

“Investigators are looking to see if this is a case of someone shooting a bow and arrow in their yard, which made its way out onto the street or if there is more to the story,” according to an email by the Abbotsford Police to CTV News Vancouver.

Remember to check behind your targets, if shooting in city limits is your only option. Not every negligent discharge leaves the victim untouched.


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