Team Effort: Min. Ng ‘disappointed’ with Biden’s Build Back Better plan

Ottawa, Ontario — Canada’s international trade minister Mary Ng says she’s “disappointed” with how the U.S. is operating within what is supposed to be an integrated supply chain between countries, as U.S. President Biden unveiled a “Buy American” budget framework on Thursday.

Minister Ng says that her disappointment lies “Particularly in automobiles. But I would also say that today is a framework and there is legislative work that will continue and I, along with my colleagues, are going to be working with the Americans and we hope to make sure that in legislation that this will be rectified,” she said.

When Biden announced the Build Back Better framework, he promised it would create millions of jobs, with an electric vehicle tax credit on U.S. manufactured cars. 

However, Ng warned the Americans in a letter, saying that such a move could be detrimental to the North American auto industry as a whole and could put thousands of Canadian manufacturing jobs at risk.

The letter said that the “proposals are inconsistent with U.S. obligations under the United States Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) and the World Trade Organization.”


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