Round Two: MP Brian Masse presents Right to Repair bill, three target goals

Ottawa, Ontario — A Canadian Right to Repair bill has been introduced by MP Brian Masse from Ontario’s Windsor West region. The bill would ensure proper OEM-approved tools and parts are available to authorized autobody repairers and the overall automotive aftermarket, as well as provide consumers with the freedom of choice in where they get […]

Deal Made Down Under: Australia passes Right to Repair bill

Canberra, Australia — A new law has passed in Australia making it illegal for car companies to withhold information from independent mechanics that would prevent them from fixing a vehicle. Similar to Canada’s My Car. My Data. My Choice. the campaign, the Right to Repair campaign that had been advocated by the Australian Automotive Aftermarket […]

United Front: Your Car. Your Data. Your Choice. gains attention from insurers

Toronto, Ontario — The ongoing issue of vehicle data ownership within the automotive aftermarket between manufacturers and car owners has also has caught the eye of insurers.  There is currently a campaign called “Your Car. Your Data. Your Choice.” which was created by the automotive aftermarket to gain support in the effort to put the […]

Steve Leal on the Details: What’s ‘Right to Repair’ all about?

Steve Leal demystifies one of the most vexing industry issues and its ramifications for the aftermarket industry If you have been following the news and developments taking place across the world, chances are you would’ve come across the term “Right to Repair” more often in recent times than before. Over the past few years, a […]

Data Demands: Your Data Your Choice petition reaches 25k signatures

Ottawa, Ontario — The Change.org petition created in support of the Your Data. Your Choice campaign demanding consumer access to vehicle data has garnered more than 25,000 signatures. The Canadian campaign advocating for consumer control of vehicle data–which is currently ruled by OEMs–was first announced in November 2020 by the Automotive Industries Association of Canada […]

Fight for Your Rights: AIA Canada rallies for Your Data. Your Choice industry support

Ottawa, Ontario – As the Your Data. Your Choice movement gains momentum across North America, the Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA Canada) is urging collision repairers to take action in the fight for access to vehicle data. During Tuesday’s Your Data. Your Choice webinar session, J.F. Champagne, AIA Canada president and Bill Hanvey, CEO […]