Round Two: MP Brian Masse presents Right to Repair bill, three target goals

Ottawa, Ontario — A Canadian Right to Repair bill has been introduced by MP Brian Masse from Ontario’s Windsor West region.

The bill would ensure proper OEM-approved tools and parts are available to authorized autobody repairers and the overall automotive aftermarket, as well as provide consumers with the freedom of choice in where they get their vehicles repaired.

“I’m proud to present a bill I believe all Members of Parliament will support, similar to what’s happened in the past,” said Masse.

He said the Bill will aim to accomplish three things:

  • Amend the Competition Act to authorize the competition tribunal, to make an order requiring vehicle manufacturers, to provide independent repair shops access to diagnostic and repair information and service parts on the same terms and manner as a manufacturer makes that information and parts available to their own authorized repair providers;
  • Update the voluntary Canadian Automotive Service Information Standard (CASIS) agreement in place since 2009 to include the rights of digital software that will cover future innovations and technologies as we move to zero-emissions vehicle standards and EVs;
  • Ensure that consumers have a right to choose where they get their vehicles fixed, and to help the environment by making sure vehicles with emissions are stronger and also cleaner

Masse also noted Right to Repair legislature would “be good for public safety” as vehicles on the road are repaired and kept in the best condition possible.

This is the first time the topic has been brought up in the House since the Fall 2021 election scrapped the Right to Repair legislation in process.

“I want to commend MP Brian Masse for introducing his Private Member’s Bill which will establish much-needed rights for vehicle owners across Canada,” wrote J.F. Champagne, president of the Automotive Industries Association of Canada. “Currently, vehicle manufacturers own the data transmitted by vehicles, limiting options for where consumers can have their vehicle repaired.

“This important legislation will place that control back in the hands of consumers, allowing them to choose the service or repair shop that is best for them. Given previous support from all parties to establish a right to repair, we are hopeful this Bill will receive broad support and encourage its swift passage.”



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2 Responses

  1. Freedom of choice and right to repair is all about competitions laws so the greedy don’t take over the transportation business let the insurance companies know also so they don’t take over the collision repair business

  2. Freedom of choice. this should apply to insurance co. as well as they should not be able to direct work to there Banner Shops as there are many independent shops that are more than qualified to ensure proper and safe repairs are completed.

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