Long and Luxurious: 30-metre limo breaks world record for longest car

Orlando, Florida –  A 30-metre super limo has just been restored, becoming the longest car in the world. In its first iteration, the super limo dubbed “the American Dream” measured nearly 19 metres long,  built in two sections with a hinge connecting the two halves.  The modern, restored version clocks in at 30.54 metres, just […]

A DRIVE Through History: Alberta’s DRIVE exhibition showcases auto history

Edmonton, Alberta — A new initiative from the Alberta government is giving the public a glimpse into automotive history as the DRIVE: Reimagining the Ride exhibition prepares for launch next Wednesday. Having loaned 12 vehicles from the 1890s to the 1990s from the Reynolds-Alberta Museum and Remington Carriage Museum (RAM), the provincial government is aiming […]

Back in the Valley: Season four of Rust Valley Restorers premieres Thursday

Tappen, British Columbia — British Columbia’s favourite back-country auto show is back as Avery Shoaf and Mike Hall gear up for the fourth season premiere of “Rust Valley Restorers”, airing on Thursday night on The History Channel. This upcoming ten-episode run will again follow the duo restoring classic and rare vehicles out of their Tappen, […]

Dishonourable Discharge: ICBC no longer insuring decommissioned military vehicles

Vancouver, British Columbia — What was once an unconventional hobby that brought a community together is now a collection of “expensive paperweights”, says West Vancouver’s Mark Fleming, an active Canadian Forces reservist whose collection of decommissioned military vehicles became uninsurable overnight. Fleming collects and rents disused military vehicles, like WWII-era U.S. Jeeps and Soviet tanks, […]

Dupli-Color, VHT team up for ‘Garage Challenge’ YouTube series

Dupli-Color, VHT team up for 'Garage Challenge' YouTube series

Cleveland, Ohio — August 13, 2015 — Dupli-Color and VHT will be going head-to-head this summer with the launch of a YouTube series where run-down vehicles will be brought back to life using both companies’ products. Garage Challenge kicks off August 13 on the Dupli-Color YouTube channel, with truck enthusiast Matt Steele acting as host […]