Long and Luxurious: 30-metre limo breaks world record for longest car

Orlando, Florida –  A 30-metre super limo has just been restored, becoming the longest car in the world.

In its first iteration, the super limo dubbed “the American Dream” measured nearly 19 metres long,  built in two sections with a hinge connecting the two halves.  The modern, restored version clocks in at 30.54 metres, just 4 centimetres longer than the original vehicle built in 1984.

Besides expected amenities like a waterbed, a mini-golf course and diving boards, the 100-foot super limo totes a helipad rated for 5000 pounds – just enough for the lightest of light helicopters.

Following its use in films and a party bus for the cinematic elite of the day, the vehicle eventually went into disrepair when the novelty wore off. It sat in a New Jersey warehouse for years until acquired by Michael Manning, owner of a technical teaching museum.

Working with auto repair experts and students, Manning spent over US$25,000 dollars in shipping, materials and labour. Years of disrepair meant some parts like the roof were entirely replaced.

“It was built to be put on display,” said Manning. “You really couldn’t put it on the road because it’s too long.”


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