Money Pit: Sinkhole forms in parking lot of Edmonton luxury car dealership

Edmonton, Alberta — Just when you thought your childhood fear of quicksand had passed—your car has been consumed by the earth. That is what four Edmonton residents are asking themselves after a sinkhole opened up in the parking lot of a south-end Infiniti dealership on Tuesday. Owner of the neighbouring Mercedes-Benz Heritage Valley dealership, Lucky […]

Damaged Hoods: Alberta Hail Storm results in damage to over 70 vehicles, cars

Calgary, Alberta – A severe Alberta storm made its way across Alberta on Monday and into Tuesday, leaving destruction in its wake. Baseball-sized hail was the main culprit of the damage, as it fell from the sky Monday onto unsuspecting drivers commuting on the Queen Elizabeth II highway in Alberta. The hail forced cars on […]

Upping the Ante: IIHS to update AEB testing to address higher speed collisions

Toronto, Ontario — The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has announced that it will be re-evaluating the conditions in which it runs automatic emergency braking system (AEB) testing to address front-to-rear collisions at higher speeds. The institute is calling for OEMs to look into ways of preventing such collisions while also stating that the […]

Not Quite the Rockies: MPI sees 479 percent increase in pothole-related claims

Winnipeg, Manitoba — Buckle up, Manitoban drivers. It’s bumpy out there. In fact, roads in the province are so rutted that Manitoba Public Insurance says it witnessed a 479 percent increase in pothole-related claims this March, compared to March 2021. The public insurer received 324 pothole-related claims in March 2022, compared to 56 in March […]

The People v. Parked Cars: Car flipped, stripped during party in Ottawa

Ottawa, Ontario — Not to be outdone by the kids down at McMaster, post-Panda Game festivities got out of hand in Ottawa over the weekend, as University of Ottawa and Carleton University students called Mac’s flipped car, and raised it with a flipped car—tastefully doorless. Checkmate Marauders. Ottawa police have already charged three people in […]

A Qapter Audience: Gore Mutual Insurance to use Solera’s Qapter for damage assessment

Toronto, Ontario — Gore Mutual Insurance broke ground on Tuesday as the first Canadian insurer to partner with Solera Audatex to use the company’s Qapter Estimating Platform for use in insurance claims procedure. Joining a number of insurance companies operating around the world, Gore Mutual is the first Canadian insurer to utilize Qapter to assess […]

Flood Follies: Storm-damaged vehicles making way into Canadian used market

Toronto, Ontario — A new report from a personal finance advocacy group is calling for caution among car buyers as a deluge of storm-damaged vehicles floods the Canadian market. Vehicles that are imported into Canada are classified by the condition they are in when they enter the country. According to the report from Money Wise, […]