Tuesday Ticker: Electric automakers face multi-tiered challenges

Toronto, Ontario — It’s all about electric vehicles in this weekly Tuesday Ticker, as Tesla reports significant decreases in deliveries and Rivian hits an all-time trading low. Meanwhile, California-based Lucid Motors faces a similarly glum situation.  Tesla deliveries dwindle For the first time in nearly four years, Tesla has reported a decline in quarterly deliveries. […]

EV/AV Report: Electric vehicles feel the rain; while self-driving cars get into hot water

Toronto, Ontario – In this weekly electric and autonomous vehicle report, a Tesla owner in Scotland received a battery repair cost of $29,000 due to rain damages; and GM’s self-driving car subsidiary, Cruise faces legal repercussions.  Floating the bill  Johnny Bacigalupo and his partner Rob Hussey recently received a repair cost of $29,000 after their […]

Extending Service Sectors: Tesla brings its extended warranty program to Canada

Toronto, Ontario – In a recent announcement from the automaker, Tesla has officially launched its extended warranty program in Canada for owners of the Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y.  The Extended Service Agreement (ESA)–which first launched in the United States in March of this year–offers an upgraded warranty service to drivers […]

Casting Call: Tesla Model Y with front casting, structural battery spotted at Giga Berlin

(Tobias Lindh/Twitter) Toronto, Ontario — In its recent Q3 financials release to stakeholders, Tesla announced plans to integrate front castings and structural battery packs to the Model Y; plans that have since been confirmed by DriveTesla Canada, who posted a photo Tuesday of just such a model outside the automaker’s Berlin Gigafactory. This sighting, made […]

Making it a Whole Thing: Vancouver Tesla fire prompts probe from Transport Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia — The public spectacle caused by a flaming Tesla in downtown Vancouver raised some red flags with Transport Canada, as the federal regulator’s collision and defect investigation team made an appearance on-scene as part of a newly launched probe into the vehicle. Transport Canada dispatched their team alongside local fire services and […]