The importance of airbag scanning

By CRM staff Toronto, Ontario – September 26, 2018 — There are a lot of myths and inconsistencies running around the world of collision repair regarding the proper discourse on what to do with the airbag after an accident if the bag does not deploy.

I-CAR’s popular courses

By CRM Staff Toronto, Ontario — August 23, 2018 — I-CAR’s most popular courses at the moment offer knowledge about estimate interactions with customers and understanding the cycle process time. In this segment I will be discussing what each of those popular courses entail. The Art and Science of Estimator Interactions goes over everything that has to […]

KIA: Pre and post repair scans ‘imperative’

Kia releases an official statement that pre and post repair scanning is an ‘essential task.'

Toronto, Ontario — June 14, 2018 — Pre and post repair scanning is an ‘essential task,’ that Kia feels warrants an official position statement release. The latest OEM to take a stance on the issue, Kia’s position is very much in line with the one taken by fellow Korean manufacturer Hyundai, which owns a third […]

Scanning the industry at CCIF 2018: electronic 3-D frame measuring information session

By James Kerr Toronto, Ontario — January 25, 2018 — CCIF encourages you to take measure of the collision repair industry. As the first workshop of CCIF Toronto 2018, technology experts from across the industry demonstrated the principals and importance of electronic 3-D frame measuring during the repair process. “First, why do we have to […]

Guild 21: Industry-wide calibrations and scanning not up to par

By Gideon Scanlon Newport Beach, California — January 10, 2017 — In the mind of Repairify CEO Doug Kelly, the collision repair industry is letting consumers down when it comes to calibrations.   “Many, if not most [repair centres] are not doing it correctly,” Kelly said on Thursday’s Verifax’s Guild 21 conference call with fellow […]

All vehicles must be scanned after a collision, says Honda Canada

By Tom Davis Toronto, Ontario — December 21, 2017 — One OEM has put their foot down on the subject of scanning. Honda Canada has announced that all Honda and Acura vehicles involved in a collision must be scanned and calibrated, regardless of age. The company defines a collision as damage that exceeds minor outer […]

Survey: 15 percent of respondents still not scanning

Most of our survey respondents indicated that they perform scans in at least some situations. However, a full 15 percent indicated that they simply don't perform scans.

By Mike Davey Hamilton, Ontario — August 22, 2017 — Scanning and calibration aren’t new topics in the collision repair industry, but significant discussions regarding those operations are still playing out between repairers, insurers and the OEMs. Our most recent survey looked into the scanning and calibration habits of our readers. Collision Repair magazine runs […]

Mitchell and Bosch announce collaboration on Mitchell Diagnostics System

Left: Stefan Schmitt, Vice President of Engineering and Product Area Diagnostics at Bosch Automotive Service Solutions. Right: Jack Rozint, Vice President of Sales and Service at Mitchell International. Mitchell and Bosch have recently announced a collaboration on scanning technology.

San Diego, California — June 20, 2017 — Jack Rozint, Vice President of Sales and Service at Mitchell International, saw a significant challenge rising out of today’s quickly developing and increasingly complex vehicles. “One of the key tools in fixing these complex vehicles is diagnostic scanning, but there is not a reliable diagnostic solution for the […]