KIA: Pre and post repair scans ‘imperative’

Kia releases an official statement that pre and post repair scanning is an ‘essential task.'
Toronto, Ontario — June 14, 2018 Pre and post repair scanning is an ‘essential task,’ that Kia feels warrants an official position statement release. The latest OEM to take a stance on the issue, Kia’s position is very much in line with the one taken by fellow Korean manufacturer Hyundai, which owns a third of Kia’s shares.
In its recent statement, Kia wrote: “After a collision has occurred, it is imperative to perform both pre-repair and post-repair scan procedures within all the systems to test for potential diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs).”
In easy-to-follow language, the OEM mentioned that not every diagnostic trouble code causes a dashboard warning to be revealed, a point well-known to the vast majority of industry professionals.
“A [diagnostic trouble code] alert may not always illuminate a DTC indicator light on the dash board, so testing for codes is important before and after repairs are made, even if the repairs appear to be minor.”
While the point may appear obvious to collision repairers, the language used in the OEM’s statement suggests that there was, perhaps, another audience in mind – appraisers and insurers hesitant to cover the cost of testing for the codes. Kia made sure to conclude with an even more unequivocal statement.
“The scanning procedure should not be considered an option, but rather as an essential task both during the pre-repair collision estimating phase and after the repairs are completed.”
For the full statement, visit: oem1stop.com

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