Systems Check: Toyota, Lexus recalls 460,000 vehicles for stability software glitch

Toronto, Ontario — Toyota is launching a recall to get to the bottom of a software issue currently affecting about 460,000 vehicles, 41,000 of which are in Canada. The company has identified a software glitch that can cause a vehicle’s vehicle stability control to not switch on when the vehicle is started. The recall affects […]

Selecting Safety: Subaru to include third camera on 2023 Outback’s top trim

Toronto, Ontario — Subaru is giving drivers the ability to opt into additional safety features, announcing that the 2023 Outback will include a forward-facing camera in the model’s top trim. In addition to the dual-camera EyeSight that comes standard on all 2023 Outbacks, the Touring trim will feature a wide-angle mono camera. Subaru says the […]

A Sense for Safety: Honda Sensing ADAS tech now standard across all models

Toronto, Ontario — Honda has officially made safety the standard, announcing that Honda Sensing ADAS technology will now come built into all new vehicle models going forward. Honda Sensing, which debuted on the 2015 Honda CR-V, includes a collision mitigation braking system with forward collision warning; road departure mitigation with lane departure warning; lane-keeping assist […]

Focus Features: Mitsubishi debuts driver alertness technology at CES 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada — Mitsubishi unveiled a new piece of ADAS technology at CES 2022 this week that is sure to grab drivers’ attention—because that’s exactly what it’s designed to do. The OEM says its new DMS (Driver Monitoring System)  will be able to sense a driver’s heart rate and responsiveness and an alarm if alertness […]

Breaking the Brake Barrier: Ford, Honda equip 95 percent of vehicles with AEB

Toronto, Ontario — If there were a gifted program for OEMs then Ford and Honda would be its newest members as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) announced that the pair of automakers have reached their AEB goal ahead of schedule. The IIHS announced on Friday that Ford and Honda had both managed to […]

Full Circle: Honda Sensing 360 safety technology to be standard offering by 2030

Toronto, Ontario — Honda has announced that its new Honda Sensing 360 safety technology will come standard on all new Honda and Acura models in the U.S. by 2030.   According to Honda’s press release, Sensing 360 removes blind spots to enhance collision avoidance, while also reducing driver burden.  “Honda Sensing 360 represents the next […]