Camera Lens: Hayden AI patents camera system that mounts behind windshield, works in all light

Toronto, Ontario — A newly patented camera system from a San Francisco-based AI developer may be the stepping stone to lower-cost windshield repairs that customers are looking for.

The new “camera-based perception system” from Hayden AI is housed behind the vehicle’s windshield, unlike traditional ADAS camera systems that are often mounted to the exterior of vehicles.

Hayden AI’s system is designed specifically to address the shortcomings of modern vehicle camera systems; namely, their inability to see through windshields and operate in low-light conditions.

The company’s CTO and co-founder boasts that his camera system doesn’t just do both—it does both well.

“We have looked at every electrical, mechanical, optical and software element in our system and optimized it from end-to-end to deliver an AI camera system that can see at night even from behind a heavily tinted windshield,” said Vaibhav Ghadiok.

“Every component of our mobile perception platform—from this camera system to our patented compute box—is designed in-house to ensure that our customers can detect roadway events with high accuracy in all conditions. We are so happy to see our hard work pay off with this patent award.”

Hayden AI made its name by becoming a U.S. market leader in camera systems and automated safety functions for transit buses. During that process, the company found that housing its camera behind a bus’ windshield provides enough protection to increase the lifespan and reduce the maintenance costs of the system.

As drivers on a nearly daily basis voice frustrations over small damage to auto glass leading to full windshield replacements, on account of the sensors and electronics housed within the glass, camera systems like this may eventually improve the repairability, and by extension, the customer cost associated with auto glass.

The patent for Hayden AI’s camera system was awarded on June 27 and is labelled U.S. patent no.11,689,787.


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