You Pour, You Pay: MPI to eliminate third-party coverage for impaired drivers Aug. 1

Winnipeg, Manitoba — Manitoba’s public insurer won’t be cutting a break to impaired drivers anymore, announcing Tuesday that drivers found to be under the influence will no longer be eligible for third-party liability coverage following a collision. Starting Aug. 1, if you drink, drive and crash in Manitoba, you can also add “pay” to that […]

Poor Performance: High road test failure rate at ICBC puts strain on availability

Vancouver, British Columbia — A recent wave of British Columbians taking the ICBC road test are gumming up the works, according to a licensing official, who says that nearly half of this influx of drivers wind up failing the test, leading to service delays for others. The provincial insurance company reported Monday that it has […]

Winter Wisdom: SGI winter driver tips following first major snowfall of the season

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan — The first signs of winter have hit the prairies and representatives from SGI are reminding Saskatchewan drivers to take a little extra care and be prepared for anything this season. As Saskatoon wrestles with the 8 centimetres of snow it received over the course of Wednesday and Thursday, Saskatchewan Government Insurance’s (SGI) […]

Crash Quota: MPI warns of crash increase alongside lifted COVID-19 restrictions

Winnipeg, Manitoba — As provinces delve deeper into re-opening stages, Manitoba’s MPI is reminding drivers that as life returns to normal, so too will traffic accident rates as commuters start resuming regular schedules. According to Manitoba Public Insurance, the number of deaths and serious injuries from car crashes spiked during the months public health orders […]

No Stunting: CAA South Central Ontario releases dangerous driving survey results

Thornhill, Ontario — The CAA confession booth is officially open as a recent survey from CAA South Central Ontario indicates that 55 percent of Canadian drivers admit to driving unsafely on occasion, according to a press release from Thursday. In addition, 95 percent of respondents were brave enough to report that they had witnessed dangerous […]