RoadTrust launches app for stranded motorists

A user logs into RoadTrust to call for assistance.

Toronto, Ontario — January 1, 2018 — RoadTrust, an OEM compliant accreditation program, has launched an app designed to helps shops make more money and improve customer experience, the company claims. RoadTrust is an on-demand platform that connects stranded motorists with a choice of the nearest and accredited service providers, with the accreditation package being […]

RoadTrust needs shops for pilot program

RoadTrust is looking for 10 collision repair facilities that are willing to engage in the pilot portion of the program.

Toronto, Ontario — September 20, 2017 — The RoadTrust program is getting closer to being able to help motorists involved in collisions and vehicle breakdowns. RoadTrust is an accreditation program administered by Collision Industry Information Assistance (CIIA).  The program is now accepting shops into the pilot phase of the program. Only 10 collision repair facilities will […]

CIIA hosts Roadtrust accreditation meeting

John Norris of CIIA leading the presentation on the new Roadtrust program. Representatives of over 35 shops attended the information session.

Toronto, Ontario — January 18, 2017 — A recent meeting for the Roadtrust accreditation program foresees a future where customers are instantly connected to an accredited shop simply by pressing a button on their phone. The Collision Industry Information Assistance (CIIA) industry trade association introduced the Roadtrust program to some 35 Toronto collision repair facility […]