RoadTrust launches app for stranded motorists

A user logs into RoadTrust to call for assistance.

Toronto, Ontario — January 1, 2018 — RoadTrust, an OEM compliant accreditation program, has launched an app designed to helps shops make more money and improve customer experience, the company claims.

RoadTrust is an on-demand platform that connects stranded motorists with a choice of the nearest and accredited service providers, with the accreditation package being administered by CIIA. This combination of technology and access to OEM compliant accredited facilities.

Motorists afraid of being caught on the roadside during the coldest time of the year be attracted to RoadTrust’s prompt service, with dispatches called out within a minute. For anyone anxiously awaiting word from the repair shop, RoadTrust provides regular status notifications about repairs right on the app.

RoadTrust partners could benefit as the app may allow them to become the first port of call for existing customers. It would also allow repair shops to generate additional revenue with new customers being refered over the phone. As a RoadTrust partner, the process of becoming OEM compliant is both simpler and less expensive.

The RoadTrust app is available for for free in Canada on the Apple App and Google Play Stores. For more information about becoming a RoadTrust partner, please check out

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