Outlandish: Mitsubishi recalls 2022 Outlander for potential back-up camera defects

Toronto, Ontario – In life, some say that you should always be moving forward. However, when you do need to look in the rear-view, be sure to be weary of the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander. Mitsubishi has voluntarily recalled nearly 60,000 of its 2022 Outlander vehicles due to a defect in the software that transmits rear-view […]

Recalls Squared: Hyundai issues recall of 2018 IONIQ to fix previous recall error

Toronto, Ontario — A 2018 recall of 10,000 2017/2018 Ioniqs has proved ineffective as Hyundai has recalled the same vehicles due to an issue with the replacement part. The issue concerns a fire risk in the vehicle’s power relay assembly. Located under the rear seats, a loose connection between the main relay and the power […]

OE Shocker: Ford, Kia issue recalls for EV defects

Toronto, Ontario- In more recent setbacks for the EV industry, Ford and Kia have both issued recalls for various defects amongst popular electric vehicle brands. Ford has recalled 2,900 of its F-150 Lightning electric pickup trucks due to a software issue which can result in an inadequate warning of low tire pressure. The models affected […]

Up to No Hood: Nissan recalls 323,000 Pathfinders for potential hood obstruction

Toronto, Ontario- The Nissan SUVs affected by the recall come from model years 2013 to 2016. The defect itself occurs due to the buildup of dust and dirt on the vehicle’s secondary hood latch system. This can result in the hood itself opening and blocking the driver’s view while operating the vehicle. While Nissan has […]

Sick and Tire-d: Toyota, Subaru EVs face recalls over fear of loose wheels

Toronto, Ontario- In what’s being called an “embarrassing” development by CLSA analyst Christopher Richter, Toyota and Subaru have recalled over 5000 vehicles worldwide over concerns of loose wheels. These wheels have the potential of detachment. This can occur when drivers engage in hard braking and/or sharp turns, due to a loosening hub bolt. The models […]

Daunting Data: Tesla makes up for nearly 70 percent of U.S. ADAS-related crashes, NHTSA says

Toronto, Ontario — The first-ever mandated release of advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) crash data took place on Wednesday, revealing that 273 crashes involving ADAS have been linked to Tesla since July of 2021—more than any other automaker. More than 500 total crash reports from automakers and tech companies were submitted to the National Highway Traffic […]

Making it a Whole Thing: Vancouver Tesla fire prompts probe from Transport Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia — The public spectacle caused by a flaming Tesla in downtown Vancouver raised some red flags with Transport Canada, as the federal regulator’s collision and defect investigation team made an appearance on-scene as part of a newly launched probe into the vehicle. Transport Canada dispatched their team alongside local fire services and […]