Zap ‘Em: Tesla’s laser windshield wiper patent published

Alexandria, Virginia — The United States Patent Office has published Tesla’s patent for laser windshield wipers, which the EV automaker applied for in May 2019. The patent describes how Tesla’s laser windshield wipers would work in five steps: Detect debris accumulated on a region on glass article installed in vehicle Calibrate a set of parameters […]

Triple Threat: Ford submits three-sectioned, side-hinged tailgate patent

Washington, D.C. – Ford has submitted a new patent to the U.S. Patent Office, with documents suggesting the automaker has a tailgate with three separate sections—the middle one opening in a side-hinge style—up its sleeve. In the patent documents shared by CarBuzz, Ford’s unnamed tailgate design is divided into three sections horizontally. The middle section […]

Strap In: ItalDesign files patent for motorcycle seat belt

Toronto, Ontario — Most people can agree that wearing a seat belt in a car just makes sense safety-wise. Motorcycles, on the other hand, are a whole different story. Mainly because strapping yourself to a 500 pound piece of metal doesn’t necessarily scream safety.  However, one company has designed a mechanism that could disrupt the […]

Friday Fun: Toyota’s sky high innovation

By Jordan Porter Toronto, Ontario – September 27, 2018 — New technology has drastically transformed the automotive world in so many ways in the past ten years. With fully electric vehicles, enhanced connectivity, and autonomous self-driving vehicles just around the corner, there seems to be no end to the imagination and ingenuity of today’s auto […]

3M launches suit againt XPEL Technologies

3M has announced it is suing XPEL Technologies for patent infringement, specifically US Patent No. 8,765,263 (Multilayer Polyurethane Protective Films).

St. Paul, Minnesota — January 4, 2016 — 3M has filed a patent infringement lawsuit in US federal district court in Minnesota against XPEL Technologies Corporation. The suit alleges that XPEL Technologies Corporation’s XPF paint protection film product infringes 3M’s US Patent No. 8,765,263, entitled Multilayer Polyurethane Protective Films. XPEL Technologies responded with a press […]