Precious Cargo: NHTSA expands child seat testing to include side impact ‘t-bone’ test

Washington, D.C. — The U.S.’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration granted final approval on Monday to a set of updates to testing requirements for child safety seats which introduced a 48 km/h side impact “t-bone” test to the list of requirements. “Side-impact collisions cause serious injuries and deaths in young children each year,” said NHTSA […]

All Hands on Deck: Toyota unveils radar-based passenger detection system

Plano, Texas — Someone get Macaulay Culkin on the phone now! Toyota has unveiled new technology that aims to ensure no one ever gets left home alone (or in the car) ever again. Toyota’s new Cabin Awareness technology uses a high-resolution 4D imaging radar housed above the vehicle’s headliner to allow a vehicle to sense […]