All Hands on Deck: Toyota unveils radar-based passenger detection system

Plano, Texas — Someone get Macaulay Culkin on the phone now! Toyota has unveiled new technology that aims to ensure no one ever gets left home alone (or in the car) ever again.

Toyota’s new Cabin Awareness technology uses a high-resolution 4D imaging radar housed above the vehicle’s headliner to allow a vehicle to sense the “micro movements” of its passengers; these movements being the heartbeat, motion and respiration of occupants.

The technology is also capable of accounting for a passenger’s size, posture and position, in turn providing additional support to the pre-existing advanced safety functions within Toyota vehicles.

Toyota says this new technology surpasses other attempts at similar passenger detection systems, as its system does not rely on weight sensors, which are prone to false alerts, or cameras, which can be limited by blind spots.

The company is even attempting to appeal to pet owners, by claiming that Cabin Awareness will help prevent pets like dogs from being left in cars for extended periods of time.

“Toyota Connected’s talented software engineers and data scientists are leveraging cutting-edge technology to bring innovation and advanced technologies to customers’ vehicles,” said Zack Hicks, CEO and president of Toyota Connected North America and executive v-p and chief digital officer of Toyota Motors North America.

“We are extremely proud of our efforts to take this idea from the drawing board to a full-blown concept, and, hopefully, developing a technology that has the potential to save lives.”

Now all we can hope is that Toyota develops a more secure habitat for your older brother Buzz’s tarantula, or maybe aftershave that burns less.


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