Lite-Brite Repair: Magna unveils ‘Breakthrough Lighting’ prototype, customizable lighting for thermoplastic surfaces

Aurora, Ontario – Do you remember any childhood skills you used to fix your Lite-Brite? Those skills might come in handy someday soon. Magna International unveiled its Breakthrough Lighting prototype on Tuesday, demonstrating the technology’s ability to “allow consumers to interact with their vehicles” through “communicative” lighting features. Magna is initially showing the Breakthrough Lighting […]

Report: 3D Printing to generate $4.3 billion in the auto industry by 2025

A rear view of the Strati, produced by Local Motors. About 75 percent of the vehicle is 3D printed.

By Jeff Sanford Toronto, Ontario — January 19, 2016 — The subject of 3D printing has been a hot one over the last couple years. The new technology promises to change the way manufacturing is done across the industrial world. A recent report suggests the impact of this new technology on the auto industry could […]