Lite-Brite Repair: Magna unveils ‘Breakthrough Lighting’ prototype, customizable lighting for thermoplastic surfaces

Aurora, Ontario Do you remember any childhood skills you used to fix your Lite-Brite? Those skills might come in handy someday soon.

Magna International unveiled its Breakthrough Lighting prototype on Tuesday, demonstrating the technology’s ability to “allow consumers to interact with their vehicles” through “communicative” lighting features.

Magna is initially showing the Breakthrough Lighting tech on a thermoplastic liftgate dubbed the ‘Litgate’–but the same bright features can be applied to any vehicle panel, so long as it’s made from similar thermoplastic material, said Magna.

The prototype Litgate shows the lighting elements where you’d find conventional taillights, though the bulbs remain hidden until illuminated. Magna said users can choose from “an extensive colour palette” for the lights.

Besides adding Lite-Brite tech to body panels and bumpers, Magna says the lighting serves as a communicative tool between the user, the vehicle, and its surroundings. Potentially, they could serve as reflective lighting or tail lights in foggier or darker conditions.

Video: Magna International

The company said the technology should be ready for production by 2023.


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