Survey: Most Canadians would switch auto insurers for $150 of savings

By CRM staff  Toronto, Ontario — January 17, 2019 –- While collision repair centre customers whose repairs are being covered by auto insurers may not be particularly concerned about the final bill, they are more likely to raise a huff about a spike in their premiums. A new survey-based study has found that most Canadians […]

The Autonomous Report: Why Mazda CEO believes ‘driving pleasure should never die’

Masahiro Moro, President and CEO of Mazda North American Operations, said in a recent interview, “Mazda’s vision of autonomous driving is not bringing you from A to B while you are reading. That’s not Mazda’s way.”

Toronto, Ontario — April 22, 2017 — This week’s Autonomous Report looks at why Duncan Stewart of Deloitte thinks autonomous vehicles (AVs) may make us “lazy, bored and inattentive,” how Mazda brings a different perspective to self-driving cars, more highlights from the second annual Canadian conference on autonomous vehicles and much, much more! – The […]

Canadian drivers aren’t as polite as we think

A new survey from Kanetix shows we're not as polite behind the wheel as we think we are.

Toronto, Ontario — July 6, 2015 — Canadians are often stereotyped as polite. It turns out that reputation for politeness extends to our behaviour behind the wheel … or so we seem to think. A recent survey found that most Canadians think highly of their driving etiquette, but further survey results show they may […]

CES shows off self-driving tech, but survey says Canadians still wary

Ford has announced it will add 20 Ford Fusions to its autonomous vehicle testing fleet, making it the largest self-driving fleet of all automakers.

By Mike Davey Las Vegas, Nevada — January 5, 2016 — The quest for fully autonomous vehicles continues, with major announcements coming out from a number of automakers at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) regarding their autonomous vehicle (AV) technology. Ford announced that it would add 20 more AV-equipped Ford Fusions to its existing fleet being […]

Survey shows Canadians drivers confess to bad driving habits

Canadians are still engaging in approximately the same levels of bad driving behaviours as three years ago.

By Mike Davey Toronto, Ontario — August 18, 2015 — Many Canadians are engaging in behaviour behind the wheel that could lead to an increased risk of collisions. The results of a new survey released by show that more than 75 percent of Canadians admit to bad driving behavior. Speeding is the most commonly […]