Survey: Most Canadians would switch auto insurers for $150 of savings

By CRM staff 

Toronto, Ontario — January 17, 2019 –- While collision repair centre customers whose repairs are being covered by auto insurers may not be particularly concerned about the final bill, they are more likely to raise a huff about a spike in their premiums. A new survey-based study has found that most Canadians would  switch auto insurance providers for just $150 in annual savings.

While unlikely to humanize the insurance industry, the study may go some way to explaining why insurers are so unwilling to pay for even the simplest procedure they view as unnecessary. 

While the survey, which was conducted by Kanetix, does point to one place where insurers are comparitively fortunate. Unlike collision repairers, who are often criticized for issues as unimportant as barely imperceptible paint mismatches, auto insurers do not face terribly intense customer scrutiny. 57 percent of Canadians review their insurance policy only once-per-year, and that more than one-in-four never review their policy, relying solely on their broker/agent.

The Kanetix survey was conducted by Forum Research between December 5 – 7, 2018, and polled 812 Canadians. The age demographic for the survey ranged from 18 to over 72-years-old.

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