Round Two: MP Brian Masse presents Right to Repair bill, three target goals

Ottawa, Ontario — A Canadian Right to Repair bill has been introduced by MP Brian Masse from Ontario’s Windsor West region. The bill would ensure proper OEM-approved tools and parts are available to authorized autobody repairers and the overall automotive aftermarket, as well as provide consumers with the freedom of choice in where they get […]

Achieving Automation: ‘The world of AVs is clearly upon us,’ says insurance VP

Toronto, Ontario — With autonomous vehicle (AV) initiatives in Ontario going from a sci-fi pipe dream to receiving millions in government investment dollars in only a few years, Vice President of personal insurance at Travelers Insurance, Caleb Earnest declared that “The world of AVs is clearly upon us”, during a webinar on Tuesday. As part […]

MOMS House: Ontario gov. increases suspension for stunt driving to 30 days

Toronto, Ontario — The Ontario government is hoping that the recently beefed up MOMS act will help teach a lesson to all the stunt drivers out there who may have doubted that their one week grounding could be extended to a whole month. On Sunday, new rules came into effect surrounding the Moving Ontarians More […]

Receiving Company: Canada-U.S. border to open to foreign nationals midnight Tues.

Ottawa, Ontario — The federal government has announced that the Canada-U.S. border is finally opening back up to the general public again, but not in the direction that many Canadians may have been hoping for. On Friday, the Canadian Border Services Association (CBSA) announced that fully vaccinated foreign nationals meeting the conditions to enter Canada […]

EV Apprehension: New survey says there are still many barriers preventing Canadians from adopting EVs, which could be worrisome for automotive industry

Toronto, Ontario — Across Canada, collision repair facilities and automakers have been preparing for the future: electric vehicles.  Trying to stay ahead of the electric curve, many shops have obtained EV certifications, invested in new equipment and training. While, automakers have been pumping out electric vehicles left, right and center—with more than 130 new EVs […]

Vax Pass: B.C. gov. announces three hours paid time off for worker vaccines

Victoria, British Columbia — An update to the Employment Standards Act announced on Monday will allow British Columbians up to three hours of paid leave for COVID-19 vaccine appointments, in an effort by the province to ensure that no wages are lost for employees looking to get in line. “We know that many workers can’t […]

Government drops $11 million to expand Tesla supplier Verbom in Quebec

The Verbom facility in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

By CRM Staff   Sherbrooke, Quebec — May 9, 2018 — The federal and provincial governments have teamed up to contribute $11 million toward an expansion that will increase production for Verbom, a Tesla supplier located in Quebec.   “By integrating new technology into its aluminum parts production line, Verbom has built a reputation for […]