Market Opportunities: Federal gov. aims for 20 percent of light vehicle parc emissions-free by 2026

Ottawa, Ontario — The government of Canada has announced a comprehensive strategy to promote the switch to zero-emission vehicles and reducing on-road transportation pollution, with milestones for the net-zero goal starting as early as 2026. In last Wednesday’s announcement, Minster of Transport Omar Alghabra announced Canada’s Action Plan for Clean On-Road Transportation, a plan by […]

Money Talks: Ontario license plate refunds favour fleet owners over average drivers, critics say

Hamilton, Ontario — An investigation into license plate refunds indicates that it disproportionately favours Canadians with more than five vehicles, with CTV News reporting that a single person received more than $38,000. During a press conference Thursday, transportation minister Caroline Mulroney said “there’s very rare cases of people who own a large number of cars, […]

Fuel Surge: CIB invests $500M to develop Canadian ZEV charging, hydrogen refuelling infrastructure

Toronto, Ontario – Last Wednesday, the Canada Infrastructure Bank announced the launch of the Charging and Hydrogen Refuelling Infrastructure Initiative (CHRI), which will seek to invest $500 million into the installation of zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) chargers across Canada. According to the public interest oriented crown corporation, this project aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, accelerate […]

Peeled and Peeved: B.C. man fined $230 for damaged license plate

Prince George, British Columbia – Thousands of B.C. drivers have been fined for illegible license plates, with one driver facing a $230 fine for his peeling plate. In an interview with the Prince George Citizen, the driver in question, Dave Muirhead, said that his plates probably dates back to 2004. Since then, a quarter of […]

Fancy Fees: Federal luxury tax on $100,000+ cars, coming this fall

Ottawa, Ontario – Details on an incoming luxury tax by the Government of Canada were released July 15. The new rules will affect manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and importers. As of Sept. 1, the Select Luxury Items Tax Act proposed in Budget 2021 will come into effect, targeting certain vehicles and aircraft above $100,000 and some […]

No More 90210: Doug Ford promises Ont. insurance reform, calls for end to postal code pricing

Toronto, Ontario – During a press conference Thursday, June 30th, Ontario Premier Doug Ford suggested that insurance premiums predicated on postal codes may be coming to an end. The insurance industry’s practice of pricing based on location represents unfair gouging of consumers, according to Ford. “I know we’re working on a plan for insurance companies, […]

Round Two: MP Brian Masse presents Right to Repair bill, three target goals

Ottawa, Ontario — A Canadian Right to Repair bill has been introduced by MP Brian Masse from Ontario’s Windsor West region. The bill would ensure proper OEM-approved tools and parts are available to authorized autobody repairers and the overall automotive aftermarket, as well as provide consumers with the freedom of choice in where they get […]

Achieving Automation: ‘The world of AVs is clearly upon us,’ says insurance VP

Toronto, Ontario — With autonomous vehicle (AV) initiatives in Ontario going from a sci-fi pipe dream to receiving millions in government investment dollars in only a few years, Vice President of personal insurance at Travelers Insurance, Caleb Earnest declared that “The world of AVs is clearly upon us”, during a webinar on Tuesday. As part […]

MOMS House: Ontario gov. increases suspension for stunt driving to 30 days

Toronto, Ontario — The Ontario government is hoping that the recently beefed up MOMS act will help teach a lesson to all the stunt drivers out there who may have doubted that their one week grounding could be extended to a whole month. On Sunday, new rules came into effect surrounding the Moving Ontarians More […]