XPEL introduces ULTIMATE hand-cut film for rare and classic cars

XPEL has introduced ULTIMATE, a new hand-cut film for classic vehicles.

San Antonio, Texas — April 17, 2016 — XPEL has launched a new paint protection film for vintage and rare vehicles. According to the company, XPEL offers precut patterns for most late model vehicles, but there is no pre-cut pattern for some classic and muscle cars. The new product, XPEL ULTIMATE, was introduced to fill […]

XPEL introduces paint-infused ULTIMATE Colour paint protection film

The new XPEL Ultimate Colour in matte black. As you can see, the product is definitely not vinyl, and is much thicker than standard vinyl wraps.

San Antonio, Texas — November 30, 2015 — XPEL has introduced ULTIMATE Colour, a new colour film technology that the company says combines the durability of advanced ULTIMATE paint protection film with the vibrancy and luster of automotive paint. 
XPEL ULTIMATE Colour film is available in gloss white, gloss black and matte black. A statement […]