XPEL introduces paint-infused ULTIMATE Colour paint protection film

The new XPEL Ultimate Colour in matte black. As you can see, the product is definitely not vinyl, and is much thicker than standard vinyl wraps.

San Antonio, Texas — November 30, 2015 — XPEL has introduced ULTIMATE Colour, a new colour film technology that the company says combines the durability of advanced ULTIMATE paint protection film with the vibrancy and luster of automotive paint. 

XPEL ULTIMATE Colour film is available in gloss white, gloss black and matte black. A statement from XPEL says the new film incorporates aerospace paint technology into its composition to create a deep, liquid metal-like visual appearance.

The company says XPEL ULTIMATE Colour film is twice as thick and much more durable than traditional one- to two-mil vinyl wrap products. Eight-mil thick ULTIMATE Colour features a clear coat and special elastomeric polymers that “heal” over time, naturally eliminating swirl marks and fine scratches. The film’s low surface energy sheds contaminants, while its strength protects painted surfaces from rocks, gravel, salt, oils, magnesium chloride, and insect and bird wastes.

Designed to be used as a long-lasting restyling film option, ULTIMATE Colour is available in rolls of varying widths and lengths and in model-specific pre-cut patterns to protect hoods, fenders, rocker panels, door edges, mirrors and more. 

XPEL ULTIMATE Colour carries a 10-year warranty. XPEL offers a number of DIY products, as well as films for applications requiring installers. For more information, please visit xpel.com


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