New government, old problems for the ICBC

The ICBC has spent more than five years and close to $780,000 on still-incomplete repairs for a Ferrari that crashed into a pole in 2012.

By CRM Staff   Vancouver, British Columbia — March 4, 2018 — Measures taken by the provincial government to help buoy the finances of the Insurance Company of B.C. (ICBC), which lost $1.3 billion last year, may not be paying off.   Last month, an independent report into the ways to ease the financial crisis […]

Ferrari bursts into flames just one hour after pick up

A British man's brand new Ferrari was absolutely totalled just one hour after it left the showroom.

Yorkshire, England — August 2, 2017 — Well, at least he had an hour’s fun. A British driver of a brand new Ferrari was lucky to escape a devastating crash that totalled the quarter-million-dollar car an hour after it left the showroom.   The Ferrari 430 Scuderia—worth nearly $300,000—lost control, went airborne and burst into […]

Friday Fun: VW fallout hits Canada, Alcoa splits and Ferrari fury

The owner of a Ferrari 360 refused to pay his repair bill, so the owner of the shop decided to put it back the way it was ... by ramming into a wall. Repeatedly, we might add.

By Jeff Sanford Toronto, Ontario — October 1, 2015 — A collection of some of the news and events from the collision repair industry in the week that was: – The VW emissions scandal is, apparently, giving the entire auto industry a bad name. Cesare Pozzi, a professor at LUISS University in Rome, was quoted […]