Life’s a Game: Ferrari publishes patent for joystick-controlled car

Toronto, Ontario — Ferrari has recently published a patent for a vehicle controlled by two joysticks rather than a traditional steering system. Published on November 16 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the patent describes a system in which a joystick would be located on either side of the driver’s seat, and […]

Sound Blasting: Ferrari patents EV engine noise-amplifying system

Toronto, Ontario — Ferrari has filled a patent for an external speaker system, promising an authentic audio experience that magnifies the sound created by its electric motors. Rather than an attempted breakout into the modern art scene, this represents an attempt by the luxury carmakers to maintain its status in a world of electric vehicles […]

Sinking Feeling: NHTSA recalls 17 years of Ferraris for hydraulic leakage

Toronto, Ontario – A brake failure has been identified in Ferrari vehicles built since 2005, leading to over 23,000 Ferraris being recalled by the NHTSA. “These vehicles are equipped with a braking system that could potentially leak brake fluid, which may lead to partial or total loss of braking capability,” details the NHTSA recall. “Upon […]

New government, old problems for the ICBC

The ICBC has spent more than five years and close to $780,000 on still-incomplete repairs for a Ferrari that crashed into a pole in 2012.

By CRM Staff   Vancouver, British Columbia — March 4, 2018 — Measures taken by the provincial government to help buoy the finances of the Insurance Company of B.C. (ICBC), which lost $1.3 billion last year, may not be paying off.   Last month, an independent report into the ways to ease the financial crisis […]

Ferrari bursts into flames just one hour after pick up

A British man's brand new Ferrari was absolutely totalled just one hour after it left the showroom.

Yorkshire, England — August 2, 2017 — Well, at least he had an hour’s fun. A British driver of a brand new Ferrari was lucky to escape a devastating crash that totalled the quarter-million-dollar car an hour after it left the showroom.   The Ferrari 430 Scuderia—worth nearly $300,000—lost control, went airborne and burst into […]

Friday Fun: VW fallout hits Canada, Alcoa splits and Ferrari fury

The owner of a Ferrari 360 refused to pay his repair bill, so the owner of the shop decided to put it back the way it was ... by ramming into a wall. Repeatedly, we might add.

By Jeff Sanford Toronto, Ontario — October 1, 2015 — A collection of some of the news and events from the collision repair industry in the week that was: – The VW emissions scandal is, apparently, giving the entire auto industry a bad name. Cesare Pozzi, a professor at LUISS University in Rome, was quoted […]