Charging Up the Public: Tesla tops list of most-loved car brands; Ford named ‘most loathed’

Palmetto, Florida – A new report by Clunker Junker lists the most and least loved car brands in the world, with Tesla topping the list and a supercar brand scoring surprisingly low.

Love them or hate them, Tesla’s dominance in the electric vehicle (EV) industry and status contribute to them being the most loved car brand in the world – or 21 countries, specifically. Runners-up include the German household name Mercedes-Benz, loved by 17 countries. Meanwhile, Ferrari and McLaren are tied at 10 countries each.

While not the most hated, Tesla’s oft-questioned build quality, unreliable electronics and incredulous prices have made them the most hated car manufacturer in 16 countries – a strange position indeed.

Ford has earned the unenviable reputation of the world’s most loathed car brand in 20 countries, with dozens of internet forums mocking the name as the acronym, “Found On Road, Dead.”

Ferrari is a runner-up to Ford’s unenviable title, as the most hated in 16 countries despite being the darling of 10 countries, mostly in Europe.

As amusing or infuriating as Clunker Junker’s list might be, it only analyzes public perception. Your car will keep running, whether its manufacturers are loved or hated.

The report analyzed tweets using the Hugging Face algorithm, where they were sorted into positive or negative. Tweets that were not especially clear were excluded from this data analysis.

The companies in question were identified via websites analyzing the auto industry for market share, growth and similar statistics. Furthermore, tweets had their geotags verified to confirm that a tweet from a Canadian, was discussing a car in Canada for instance.

For additional data at Clunker Junker, click here.


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