People Pleasers: Hyundai Canada releases four years of customer reviews

Markham, Ontario – As part of a project four years in the making, Hyundai Canada has compiled nearly 87,000 independently submitted customer reviews of their vehicles and are pretty pleased with what they found. “Of those reviews, 40,985 owners have given their vehicles an overall score of 10/10, while 23,208 owners have scored their vehicles […]

Aftermarket Satisfaction: J.D. Power finds key service in customer satisfaction 

Toronto, Ontario — Acknowledging customers upon arrival at an aftermarket service facility can significantly improve customer satisfaction scores; specifically those for full-service maintenance and repair or quick repair jobs, said a recent J.D. Power study. “Satisfaction is highest in all three segments among customers who receive recommendations for—and accept—additional work,” J.D. Power wrote. Satisfaction scores […]