People Pleasers: Hyundai Canada releases four years of customer reviews

Markham, Ontario – As part of a project four years in the making, Hyundai Canada has compiled nearly 87,000 independently submitted customer reviews of their vehicles and are pretty pleased with what they found.

“Of those reviews, 40,985 owners have given their vehicles an overall score of 10/10, while 23,208 owners have scored their vehicles 9/10,” according to the press release. Overall, 93 percent of owners rate their Hyundai products as an 8/10 or above.

Four years ago, Hyundai partnered with Reevoo, a user-generated content collection platform to help them measure performance and improve their offerings using independent customer feedback.

“The car has an excellent cost/benefit. Suitable to drive and a lot of space for the driver and passengers,” said a recent Reevoo reviewer about the Santa Fe. 

“I love the comfort and safety of the car. I feel safe with all the safety features,” said another customer about the Elantra. The reviews and scores are available in real-time on the vehicle landing pages on Hyundai Canada’s website.

Director of marketing for Hyundai Canada, Lawrence Hamilton spoke more to the decision to partner with Reevoo.

“We prioritize product transparency for our prospective customers to ensure they are making informed purchase decisions. Having an accessible and verified user-based portal creates full transparency and allows customers to post what they truly think about their vehicles.”

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