Motor Manicure: Viral hack has drivers painting cars with nail polish

London, United Kingdom — A U.K. news source is reporting that a “genius tip” gone viral on TikTok is encouraging drivers to repair unsightly body scratches with nail polish. TikTok user @happywifehappylifehaha is to blame. “I will show you a trick that dealership workers use,” she captioned the video. “Just use the cheapest nail polish […]

Orange You Glad: Fiat to stop producing grey cars

Turin, Italy — Fiat will no longer produce grey cars, the Italian automaker announced earlier this week. The automaker said that, as of June 2023, Fiat “stops producing grey cars,” referring to the move as “Operation No Grey.” “The decision was made to enhance the importance of colours in life, embodying the Italian way of […]

Defects-B-Gone: Toronto-based startup uses AI-driven tech to scan for paint defects

Toronto, Ontario — A Toronto-based startup says it’s using tech innovations to detect slight changes in the automotive spraying process to avoid defects and reworks caused by changing colours or poor surface finishes. According to an article from Swagger Magazine, Mazlite’s cloud-based sensors measures assembly line spray patterns every few minutes to ensure thickness levels […]

Good Results in All Regions: AkzoNobel publishes 2022 report with financial results

Amsterdam, The Netherlands ⁠— AkzoNobel unveiled its 2022 report on Wednesday, which details the company’s activities last year, including financial results and key business developments.  High energy costs and labour shortages continued to impact AkzoNobel’s vehicle refinish customers in 2022 while presenting the company with opportunities to support customers’ sustainability ambitions. Nonetheless, director of automotive […]

White to E4: ‘World’s whitest’ paint now thin enough to coat cars

Toronto, Ontario – Scientists from Purdue University have a gift to the world of automotive painters–a paint so white that objects coated in it appear as a solid shape, and thin enough to coat anything from Fords to spacecraft. This paint was first developed in 2021 by Purdue University scientists as a counterpart to VantaBlack, […]

Chit Chats at SEMA: Meet Joern Stoever, interim GM of SATA Canada

Las Vegas, Nevada — From Nov. 1 through Nov. 4, Collision Repair mag was on-site at the SEMA Show, where more than 1,900 exhibitors set up extravagant displays to showcase what the modern collision repair world has to offer. Our reporters Allison Rogers and Max Reid were all over the show floor last week, meeting […]

Fix Chats: Interviews with Fix Network’s conference speakers

Quebec City, Quebec — From Sept. 29 to Oct. 1, Fix Network hosted its industry partners for the company’s annual conference. Attendees were treated to a lineup of on-trend presentations from Fix Network’s own executives and special visitors–and Collision Repair was lucky enough to catch up with the speakers following their presentations. Scroll through the […]