The Green Must Go: Close to 800 school buses could be pulled in Québec for green bumpers

Québec City, Québec — A dispute between Québec’s Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) and its roadside inspectors could result in nearly 800 school buses pulled off roads in the province for having green bumpers. SAAQ regulations require school buses to be fitted with either black or grey bumpers–aside from electric ones, which are […]

To Spite the Fascia: Ford places restrictions on bumper fascia repair

Toronto, Ontario — In an announcement put out by the American automaker last week, Ford has decided to place significant repair restrictions on all of the company’s ADAS-equipped bumper fascias going forward, a move likely to have ramifications felt across all sectors of the automotive industry. “During body repairs that involve front and rear bumper […]

Polyvance launches Bumper Pliers Kit

The new Bumper Pliers Kit from Polyvance. According to the company, it makes the process faster and easier, and less dependent on finesse and experience.

Rainsville, Alabama — July 14, 2016 — Polyvance has released the new 6146 Bumper Pliers Kit. According to the company, the kits make it easier for technicians to repair the rectangular “slot tab” features often found on bumper covers. These small rectangular holes are designed to clip into brackets on the quarter panels to hold […]