Bumper Watch: Honda releases updated statement on bumper cover repairs for AcuraWatch 360-enabled vehicles

Toronto, Ontario — Honda recently released a position statement for bumper cover repairs on models equipped with the AcuraWatch 360 system that details how the sensor units require extra consideration when performing repairs.

Specifically, according to the position statement published by Repairer Driven News, “models equipped with AcuraWatch 360 have radar units behind front and rear bumper covers and require extra consideration when performing repairs to either bumper cover.” Damage may interfere with the functionality of the vehicle, and so the automaker’s statement provides the following repair guide:

Moreover, “in the interest of safety, it is critical nothing disrupts proper performance of any radar mounted behind the bumper covers. To prevent performance issues of the radar, Honda recommends basecoat paint thickness of bumper covers to not exceed 40 micrometers.

The statement also suggests that “if damage reaches the material on the front or backside of the bumper radio wave emission range, the bumper cover will need to be replaced with a recommended genuine new part and refinish according to the repair paint manufacturer’s instructions.”

To locate model-specific radar locations, repairers are encouraged to refer to the visual index located in the vehicle service manual.

Additionally, when inspecting a new bumper cover, the statement further suggests that “it is important to inspect the radar wave emission range areas. If damage to the plastic material of the bumper cover exists within the radar emissions range area, the bumper cover cannot be used.”


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