That’s No Robin Hood: B.C. family vehicle shot with arrow

Chilliwack, British Columbia – It’s hunting season, and nothing is scarier than an armed man without safety training. On Sunday, a Chilliwack family was driving along Peardonville Road in Abbotsford when the driver heard something punch into his vehicle. Pulling over to the side, the father discovered a hole in his car which Abbotsford Police […]

Repairer Insights: Canada’s top 6 vehicle sales for 2022

Toronto, Ontario — The automotive industry has changed, and so will the vehicle showing up at your shop. Here are some of the best-selling cars this year, according to Timothy Cain at Hyundai Elantra: Previously Canada’s second best-selling car in 2016, the Elantra has clawed back its second-place spot. 5,869 purchases, an increase by 26 […]

Faster than 88: DeLorean teases Alpha5 EV

Humble, Texas — DeLorean has just unveiled a new addition to its lineup of vehicles: the Alpha5 electric car. Some may recognize its on-screen ancestor from the 80s film, Back to the Future, where the DeLorean was transformed into a time machine. While it shares a similar profile and retains the iconic gull-wing design, the […]

Record Repairs: Repairify completes 12.4 million scans in 2021

Plano, Texas – According to an announcement by Repairify, the company has repaired 12.4 million automotive diagnostic scans and delivered over 4.9 million reports across the collision industry. In addition to setting their personal record for scan reports,  Repairify says their “2021 performance was capped by several strategic investments, multiple industry partnerships, and a new […]

Bacteria, Begone: Nippon releases new anti-viral auto coating

Osaka, Japan – Nippon has released a new car interior coating intended for vehicles with frequently changing passengers, like taxis or car rentals. Named the Protection Car Interior VK Coat, it has the potential to reduce viral and bacterial presence by 99.9 percent, according to Nippon. This is achieved through hybrid photocatalyst – to simplify, […]

Canadian Coatings: Autobahn becomes distributor for IGL

Concord, Ontario – IGL Coatings has announced its partnership with Autobahn Auto Salon as its new exclusive distributor in Canada. This partnership brings IGL Coatings’ full range of products and ceramic coatings to Canadian autobody workers, including the award-winning Graphene Reinforced 10H Ecocoat Kenzo. “It is an opportunity of a lifetime as we are able […]

Welcome, All: Marco Pasqua talks workplace inclusivity at Skills Canada event

Toronto, Ontario – Body shop owners, ever wondered how to make your shop welcoming to people with disabilities? Marco Pasqua, an accessibility consultant delivered during his presentation at Skills Canada’s Level Up Virtual seminar yesterday. Inclusive Recruitment Beyond your legal obligation to maintain a fair application process to everyone who is qualified, you may wish […]