Jewel or Jalopy: Range Rover tops list of least-reliable used cars

Blackburn, United Kingdom – Luxury vehicles and the Range Rover have been identified as the UK’s least reliable vehicles, according to data from the extended warranty provider, WarrantyWise. While the highest repair cost for a Range Rover peaked at an eye-watering $36,000, most repair jobs cost around $2,450. It wasn’t just Land Rover’s Range Rover […]

Sleek and Swirly: Audi debuts Sphere EV concept trio

California, United States – Do you like your bodylines as smooth as a well-brewed coffee? So does Audi, with its new addition to the especially curvy Sphere series of concept vehicles. On August 21, the Audi unveiled the Activesphere at the Pebble Beach elegance contest, part of Monterey Car Week 2022. This is among the […]

Jobs and Java: Pfaff Autoworks hiring all positions at Saturday’s job fair

Newmarket, Ontario — Looking for a change in your career, or a free coffee on a Saturday morning? Pfaff Autoworks has you covered for both, as the GTA-based luxury repair group prepares to hold its Careers and Coffees job fair this weekend. Pfaff will be hiring for all positions across its several locations, which now […]

Capsized Cargo: Volkswagen Group to replace vehicles lost in flaming shipwreck

Azores, Portugal — A Volkswagen Group executive has confirmed that the company will resume production of some vehicles lost in the sinking in the Felicity Ace, promising their North American customers replacement vehicles of some kind. After burning for days, the Felicity Ace sank, delivering over $100 million in luxury vehicles to the bottom of […]

Automated Integrity: Audi to use AI to verify weld quality in high-volume production

Toronto, Ontario — Audi is taking new steps to further streamline its production process, announcing that artificial intelligence will be used to guarantee weld quality for high-volume production at its Neckarsulm, Germany facility. According to Audi, about 5,300 spot welds are used to join the parts that comprise the body of an Audi A6. In […]

EV/AV Report: June 28, 2021

Toronto, Ontario — In this week’s EV/AV Report, Audi announces it will only launch all-electric models beginning in 2026 and Brampton becomes the first municipality in Ontario to use an electric-powered fire truck. Meanwhile, a new study shows many Canadians are concerned about autonomous vehicles.  Combustion Engine Expiry Date Set Starting in 2026, Audi will […]

Melting Materials: New plastics recycling program announced by Audi

Milton, Florida – Audi has completed a pilot project to recycle mixed automotive plastic waste using a chemical auto recycling process. Together with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany, Audi says it can take the many parts of a vehicle made of plastic into pyrolysis oil so that it can be used to make […]