Survivor Strong: Austin Hatcher Foundation auctions SATA Coupe built by childhood cancer survivors

Tennessee, United States — The Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer will be auctioning a custom Gen 3 Factory Five Type 65 Coupe, built by childhood cancer survivors, funded by SATA, and with all proceeds returned to the foundation.

The coupe was built by pediatric cancer patients and survivors from the Austin Hatcher Foundation’s Industrial Arts Program, which prepares clients for a future in STEM-based trades by helping them overcome the effects of childhood cancer and chemotherapy treatment.

The project began with a Factory Five Type 65 Coupe kit, a replica of the Shelby Daytona Coupe that won the Le Mans circuit in 1964. Its design, especially the unique roofline and chopped-off tail treatment, was inspired by a 1930s-era, German aerodynamic treatise that designer Peter Brock had discovered in GM’s archives.

The Austin Hatcher Foundation provides essential intervention from the time of a child’s diagnosis to survivorship of the family. Families of the foundation are provided with services such as mental and behavioural health therapy, occupational therapy and more at no cost to them.

The auction will take kick off this Sunday and run until to Dec. 4, 2022 on “Bring a Trailer” online.

“It is one of the most unique and stunning shapes in automotive history,” said Joerg Goettling, SATA’s head of export.

“It was during the SEMA show some years ago when we at SATA learned about the existence of the Austin Hatcher Foundation and the great cause they are committed to.”

To learn about the Austin Hatcher Foundation, visit www.hatcherfoundation.org. For the story of the SATA Coupe, visit www.hatcherfoundation.org/satacoupe.


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