Survey Says: Sixty-six percent of Ontario residents are looking to hit the road this summer

Toronto, Ontario According to a new survey conducted by 407 ETR, 66 per cent of Ontario residents are thinking about taking a road trip this summer. 

The survey also found that only one in four Ontarioans have taken a vacation this past year, so this summer more people are wanting to explore the province and take more trips. Due to COVID-19 people are looking for safer ways to travel and road trips seem to be at the top of the list. 

Over half 407 ETR drivers reportedly spend 20 to 60 minutes less per trip, and Javier Tamargo, President and CEO of 407 ETR, says they are happy to provide a faster route for travellers.

“Whether you’re headed to the cottage, camping or are passing through the GTA to your final destination, we’re proud to be the route of choice to spend less time in traffic and more time making memories on your summer vacation,” said Tamargo.

Key Findings of the Online Survey:

  • Taking a road trip is a fundamental part of the Ontario experience
  • Prior to COVID-19, taking a road trip was the single most common annual travel experience for Ontarians
  • This year, 2-in-3 (66%) say they are considering a road trip this summer compared to 49% in an average year
  • Listening to music is a key part of the road trip experience, especially for people who have been road tripping all their lives
  • Road trips are a particularly popular option for drivers who have not taken a vacation in the past 6 months or who are generally less likely to take winter vacations
  • Millennials (43%) are most likely to be lifelong roadtrippers while only 1-in-4 (27%) baby boomers say the same
  • Younger generations are also embracing “the road trip.” Generation Z has been less likely than Millennials or Generation X to take a road trip in the past but the survey revealed they are mostly likely to do so this summer. (SOURCE Cision)

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