Strong bonds: Collision 360 hosts plastic repair training event

Kurt Lammon of Polyvance and Dan Dominato of Precision Marketing conducting the training session at Collision 360. Check out the gallery below for more photos!

By Barett Poley

Toronto, Ontario — November 17, 2016 — Collision 360 and Polyvance held a free training session at Collision 360’s facility to demonstrate the feasibility of repairing plastic parts as opposed to replacing them.

The training session was attended primarily by autobody professionals and focused on using Polyvance’s plastic welding technology.

“The system can be used for any general plastics on cars, but the day focused on bumpers, headlights, and rad supports” says Dan Dominato of Precision Marketing. Dominato was one of the experts on hand to deliver the training.

Polyvance’s plastic welding systems make use of a technique called nitrogen plastic welding, which fuses plastics back together, while using the nitrogen to prevent the plastics from burning. Dominato says using the nitrogen gas creates the strongest weld possible, as it eliminates the oxidation of the plastic during the welding process. The result is a strong, long lasting weld.

“Plastics are becoming such a huge part of the vehicle because of weight restrictions. We wanted to show people how to repair plastic properly, so you don’t have to replace them,” says Dominato. This can lead to costs savings on the repair bill, something appreciated by both insurance partners and the end consumer.

Polyvance’s welding technology is relatively new in the world of collision repair, which is why training people is so important.

“Training is absolutely critical to our success.” says Dominato. “We won’t sell to a shop unless they go through the training. When we sell you a welder we don’t ask for any more money for training, it’s just included in the package.”

The training session held at Collision 360 was an example of this hands-on training approach. For more information on Collision 360, please visit More information on Polyvance’s plastic welding technology is available at

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