Expanding as an independent auto bodyshop can come with challenges. Whether it’s growing brand recognition, training technicians or staying on the cutting edge of technology, getting to the next level can be difficult without ample support. By franchising with Fix Auto, shops circumvent a lot of the guesswork or trial and error associated with growth.

Joining Fix Auto can provide proven business resources that augment brand awareness, bolster technician training and utilize advanced technology. Franchisees have direct contact with OEMs and insurance providers, thanks to strong global relationships. They possess better buying power, which can increase profitability.

When it comes to training specifically, Fix Auto franchisees have access to state-of-the-art facilities where technicians can improve skills, stay up to date with the latest industry trends and learn from experienced instructors. Using a training facility rather than the franchisee’s shop means technicians can learn in a controlled environment that’s free from the distractions of dayto- day business.

By offering and encouraging ongoing training for all employees, Fix Auto franchises strive for the highest level of workmanship and expertise. Staff are further provided with a clean and safe work environment that complies with the law, in addition to high standards set forth by Fix Auto.

Steady business referrals are the norm for Fix Auto franchisees. Many insurers have preferred vendor programs that refer business to franchised auto-body shops. Owning a franchise means a higher likelihood of being included in these programs, which drives more business and fosters relationships with insurance companies. Sometimes the goal is not just more work, but instead more profitable outcomes. Fix Auto franchisees have access to a suite of services from Performance Groups to dedicated field coaches who work to maximize everyone’s efforts.

Another great benefit of franchising is the consistent exposure and periodic evaluation of best practices. These best practices are informed by a global network’s worth of auto bodyshop experience. Knowledge is shared and tested regularly, successes and room for improvements are assessed, and standards are determined to help fran chisees maximize efficiency on their quest for excellence.

Choosing a Fix Auto franchise means joining a group of business owners who share the same values and goals, as well as prioritize quality, ethics and performance. It’s the opportunity to interact with other franchise owners to share ideas, collaborate and offer support.

For customers, Fix Auto franchises provide clear and accurate estimates. They strive for professionalism and objectivity in all evaluations, insisting only on proper repairs. They adhere to written estimates and to those of insurance companies with the goal of executing all repairs correctly the first time.

Fix Auto franchises obtain approval from customers and insurance companies prior to proceeding with any additional repair work not previously authorized. They use only the most suitable parts and materials, obtained from reputable suppliers.

Peace of mind for franchisees, customers and employees alike is of paramount importance for Fix Auto and all brands in its network. Adhering to applicable legislation is fundamental and prioritizing company integrity is taken seriously.

Fix Auto franchisees have access to the latest marketing tools, including branded content, regional marketing support and access to global social media platforms, to name just a few. Available are all marketing tools necessary to help promote increased visibility in the market. Advertising campaigns and other resources raise the profile for each Fix Auto location and attract new customers.

Choosing a Fix Auto franchise means owning your own business, while having the power of a global network supporting you.

Ready to join a global brand on a path to excellence? Visit Fixauto.com and choose your region at the top of the page. From there, click on ‘Join the Network’. You will be prompted to complete a form that will be sent to the appropriate Fix Network regional vice president.



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