Strengthening the Bond: CWB Group announces new collision repair welding program

Milton, Ontario — The CWB Group is excited to announce the launch of a new collision repair welding program it says it designed “to provide the highest quality repair, utilize best practices, and ensure that vehicles are safely and adequately repaired.”

This new program from the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) intends to bring the latest automotive welding procedures straight to techs in their shops by allowing welders to take part in the course from their own facility and using their own equipment.

“The goal of the CWB Automotive Repair Welding Qualification is to help ensure that each facility has the skills and training needed to perform superior-quality repairs every time,” said manager of CWB Consulting, Victor Andrisani.

“The CWB Group’s vision is to create an inclusive environment where every market is given the tools and resources to succeed. With this qualification, we have addressed a growing need in the Automotive Collision Repair industry.” 

Canadian auto industry figurehead and vice president of Assured Performance/Certified Collision Care, Leanne Jefferies, voiced her support for the new courses from CWB.

“It’s exciting to see the CWB investing significant resources to provide the collision industry with new training, and welding certification options that meet OEM certification requirements, and help to raise the technical capabilities of technicians,” said Jefferies.

Those interested in registering for CWB’s new welding courses can click here for more information.


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