Strange Submarine: Ice fishermen in York Region, Ont. rescued from iceflow, lose truck to Lake Simcoe

York, Ontario — The American biologist, Rachel Carson, once wrote that “Man is a part of nature, and his war against nature is inevitably a war against himself”—a group of fishermen in York Region, Ontario learned this lesson the hard way when their Ford F-150 become another casualty after an ice fishing trip gone wrong on Wednesday.

York Regional Police responded to a call on the sunny St. Patrick’s Day morning to discover seven fishermen and their truck stranded out in the middle of Lake Simcoe after the ice surrounding them began to break.

Police documented their rescue efforts on Twitter, noting that the fishermen managed to make their way to a nearby island until police were able to reach them. Five of the individuals suffered mild hypothermia while another was taken to hospital for severe hypothermia.

The truck is a different story, however, as police were unable to recover the F-150 and will likely not be able to do so until the ice fully melts later on in the spring.

In the meantime, York Regional Police continue to remind residents that no ice is safe ice and to always be mindful of the temperature and time of year should you find yourself out on the lake.

Rival pickup truck manufacturer Chevrolet responded to the news by claiming that their trucks are known for their buoyancy and would never have such an issue.


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