Still Needs Work: 3M study shows Canada needs to prioritize creating a more inclusive science and technology workforce

London, Ontario — New research from the annual 3M State of Science Index revealed how much more work needs to be done to make Canada’s science and technology industry more inclusive. 

The survey found 93 percent of Canadians recognize scientists as being critical to our future well-being in light of the pandemic. However, at the same time, 68 percent of Canadians acknowledge underrepresented minority groups often don’t receive access to STEM education. 

At the recent 3M STEMtalk, Canadian STEM advocates gathered to take action and bring forward solutions to the barriers to STEM education for underrepresented communities and have developed three recommendations for Canada. Those recommendations are: change the way STEM is taught and assessed in Canada, move from role models to champions and share the responsibility to match words and actions

“Diverse experiences and perspectives working together leads to more effective solutions,” said Penny Wise, President of 3M Canada. “The 3M State of Science Index results underpin the need to unite educators, government, corporations and families, to ensure underrepresented students have equal access to STEM education. 3M STEMtalk is one way we can help create greater opportunities, by being advocates for change and lifting the strong Canadian voices who can help make a difference. We’re humbled and invigorated to have started this great work alongside some of Canada’s foremost advocates for STEM to deliver these recommendations. And this is just the beginning. Through partnering and sponsoring those who are making a difference, 3M will invest in lifting those voices for years to come.”


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